Mario in cube’s adventure!

Still WIP, still sucks. No h8 just w8 I apprec8 :slight_smile:

[spoiler]I made the death sound effect lmao[/spoiler]

Honestly, Id prefer an original character over an IP. Youd be better off


Intulectual property…

Nintendo has a reputation of DMCA takedown requests and sueing. You have a increased chance of losing your game to them.

Omg play it before you say something. I didn’t use anything from Nintendo.

Keyword: Mario

how did you get those clouds?

that’s just the background

Honestly there’s so many mario games in here, if Latif were to be sued all of the mario platformers would’ve been gone by now. I’m sure Nintendo has better things to do than go around criticizing little kids making games with mario sprites \(?)/

Lol your right and flowlab is a relatively small community

Very polished - I like it so far!

@Luminous I made my own sprites, the only thing that looks similar to mario are the pipes, bricks and question blocks. I think copying an idea is not the same as copying the sprites, right?

@grazer Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I will make 5 levels, then you could feature it :grin: I think beginners will really get interested.

I think we only should feature more complex games… This could go to the examples i guess…

@PixelPizza This game is an example?? :frowning:


Lmao the only one I think who actually played the game is grazer. You guys are giving opinions before playing it.

Did anyone go to level 2??

When I played it it didnt had an level 2

@PixelPizza I made level 2 yesterday. Also, this game isn’t done yet. You offended my game by saying it’s an example :cry:


  • Lives
  • Coins
  • Fix helmet enemies
  • Last part of level 2
  • Level 3: Underwater level
  • Level 4: Sky level (might make propeller power up too)
  • Level 5: castle level, with a boss at the end (similar to bowser in super mario bros)

The 5 level limit is killing me but I can deal with it lol. It forces me to make small games.

Games don’t need to be complicated to be featured - they just need to be polished and fun!

Hey hey, let other users get their game featured too