Mass physic property is missing

There’s only drag, bounce (restitution) and friction. I think it would be useful to have a mass (weight) property too.

I know there’s only density in box2d, but I think mass would be more understandable for flowlab game creators:
Mass = density * area size

That means when the block gets 4 times bigger, you’ll have to make the density 4 times smaller so the mass keeps the same. The mass will automatically be adjusted when you change the object’s size. So only advanced game creators will change it.

So… What do you think? Mass or density?

Density is how heavy something is relative to mass.

Mass is how much space something takes up.

Density it is.

This is a good idea, @Latif3 - I’m planning a much-needed physics update, but I haven’t started it yet :confused:

Much needed? Then it must be custom collider shapes. :grin:

It’s sad all possibilities with box2d aren’t possible in flowlab :frowning:

I still need this :stuck_out_tongue:

In a situation like this, I just use individual motors instead of gravity. It simulates heavier or lighter gravity, but your suggestion is more simple of an approach using the dials instead.