Massive Bug List

Last report was on one serious bug, here are some game/website breakers.

  • When you put a sound on loop in the editor, it will play even if the object is not placed when you play. To fix this you must reload the entire game, and each time you edit that object you will have to do it again.
  • The in view block seems to struggle to work when something was already out of the screen, I made a switch toggle on when it went on screen and since it seems to only input once it does not work.
  • When you use the feature to highlight behaviors it will sometimes select random things nearby or even far away, this happens a lot when copying large chunks of code.
  • Have already mentioned this one: When the zoom on flowlab is not 100%, the game size will sometimes fluctuate for some reason.
  • Also said this: Ui gets in the way of every single layer when you are trying to move something. Makes it hard to redo a placement mistake. You can get around this from lucky reloading.
  • I think this is more of an unintended feature but changing the x and y of the spawn works on pixels instead of grid which makes it hard to calculate where to put something without a good ol’ google.
  • When an object is being emitted by a timer, lag is not accounted for and objects may be closer spawned than usual.
  • Same with animations, swapping switches and priorities can glitch out when something is undergoing lag.
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That’s intended. Everything works on pixels, and it’s just the way games work :man_shrugging: