Math error need help (Solved)

soooo ye this is happening for ALL the blocks so it isnt a visual bug

Screenshot 2021-05-18 11.50.18 AM

heres the game (basically agar)

also 6-6 is not -6:


@grazer PLZ i need help whats wrong

This is confusing, and I need to change it:

The behavior window shows the execution of all clones running that logic. I’m not sure what you are looking at, but probably there are multiple clones running one after the other, and you’re seeing the results from each one.


Is anything broken, or is it all functioning correctly in-game?

Also, @grazer potential update idea: Have a toggle switch that allows you to choose between seeing all or just the one? Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Showing the object would sort a lot of this confusion out, but also showing all cloned objects would help to see the spawning object’s outputs. Maybe a toggle switch in the behavior editor interface?

But yes Grazer is correct, because your spawning a lot of the same objects, your seeing the outputs of all those objects at once. I advise testing by only spawning one object.


I’m thinking that if you open the behavior window from an object in the level, it should show only that object. If you open the behavior window from the library, it should show all clones in the level. That may be more confusing? I’m not sure…


As long as you explain that somewhere, it would be perfect!

Well, “I explain it” isn’t the same as “everyone reads it” :slight_smile:


Wow ok then. I was just trying to help out.

Sorry if that sounded snarky @meburningslime - it wasn’t meant to be!

I just haven’t found a good way to teach everyone all the little details like this is all.


This makes sense to me, but I do agree that it would have to be very obvious that this is the case.

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Maybe have a help page like you do with the block guides, only with all of the engine info? That would be easy to access. Maybe another tab up on top, like next to Games and Profile?

i opened one and it displayed the info for all of them (the object wasn’t deleted)

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well im an idiot i needed a 0 tick timer before evaluating the math that way the game has time to input a and b (because b was null it would send infinite then 0 which is why it was broken)

the original problem was figuring out why all the obs went to x=0, y=0