Maximum Number Value

Does anyone know what the maximum number value is?

I need to store a lot of information in a single number.

Please help, Thank you!

infinity, I think, I tried to make the character in the undead status and the max value is the infinty symbol.

Ok, but Flowlab cannot calculate Infinity.

Also Infinity is not a number.

Thank you, anyways!, Khoi

Yeah I know,infinity doesn’t actually have a number and flowlab maybe just can’t count the actual number and make an infinity one

You can have infinity in Flowlab lol


I tested high values and 4503599627370496 (2^52) is the highest number which still has integer precision.

In Flowlab (2^54) + 1 is the same as (2^54) + 0, it is weird.

You are probably better of by using Text behaviors or Lists to store a lot of values.


How much does one number take up in bytes?

1 or 2 words, at what google said, lol

It should be, or close to, 64 bit interger limit.