Me Art

Hello! In case you didnt know, I am a real life artist. Not proffesional or anything, just for friends. Right now, I’m working on one large fonale piece, where I’m drawing lots of mashups together in one photo. Be aware, is just a layout, and not near finished. Anybody that wants to be featured can just ask!
Current Things in the Image:
Borg Tactical Cube (Star Trek: Voyager)
Cubey (fl: Cubey)
Alpha Hunter (fl: Astro Clash)
Alien Scourge(Teminite: Space Invaders)
AK47 (Roblox: Bad Buisness)
ChippyGaming (ChippyYT)
@“The Kodex”
Link (BOTW)

@meburningslime So I can request anything be in the picture? And if so, what is the limit?

@“The Kodex” well, nothing inappropriate obviously, and amything that can fit in the canvas and the theme will be smacked on in. However, I’m making another page for antagonists, so be aware of that!

uhh, got a preview @meburningslime ?


@TinkerSmith @“The Kodex” sorry for the poor camera quality, I can take a shotnof a select area if asked.

No is fine @meburningslime :slight_smile:
Wow, looking forward to see the final product

@TinkerSmith thanks!
Anything I should add in guys?
Oh, and @todorrobot ,i was going to add you in, but… how do I draw a fly in this lol

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Lol! That’s me: the fly on the wall. haha.

Can you just try to add in these 2 characters into your drawing:

  1. The Flash (Arrowverse):
    Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 14.08.07
  2. Luke Skywalker (Young; With blue lightsaber):

Ummmm ok @“The Kodex”

I’m sorry, but the only thing I can request is something from subnautica…

(look it up)

or I guess something small from my second favorite game ARK

Maybe sub but I hate ark lol


Its sooo pay to win.
Alright, here are my ideas:
Chutulu (Greek Mythology)
Sea Emperor (Subnautica)
Fujin (War Robots)
Kid (War Robots)
Calamity Ganon (BOTW)


Here’s an old fujin sketch.

this might sound bad but I tried to murder the sea emperor it did not work so I settled for killing her babies right after hatching them, and this is on a game where the only weapon you get is a small knife that is supposed to be used for gathering resources

P.s don’t know what you mean pay to win I beat it on single player on alpha level! It is hard but not impossible

I shall gnome you