Me posting art for people

Ask me what you want and show me an example of your art style, then I will draw some art for you.

Example (Using Pixel_Name’s art style)


Why can’t I see the image?


wacky link, not sure how its messed up.

Jeff-Bob, if you made it in Flowlab’s sprite editor, you should right-click and copy the image itself when u click download in the sprite editor, that way when you paste the image it will be hosted on the forums’ website instead of the main one and the image should load properly so people can see it.

Alright here’s a request, a 64x96 pixel large(3 big squares tall and 2 wide) alien cyborg criminal for my new game. Feel free to add story and name too him. Another one is a monster that lives in the desert, size doesn’t matter too much, max is 96 by 96 pixels and smallest is in a 30 by 30 canvas.

I can’t right click because I don’t have a mouse.

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If you have a laptop, you can use the rectangle thing under the keyboard as a mouse. That’s called a trackpad. Chromebooks have these too, but right-clicking on the trackpad is much harder on a Chromebook.

If you have a computer, you need a mouse to do anything right? Unless there’s some keyboard accessibility feature or something.

Here is some art. (You didn’t show me your art style so I didn’t know what to do as a substitute) also they (You choose the gender) are named Las.

Where’s the art you made of my art style :frowning:

Here’s one I made my self

And this was made by @JUSTPLAINOP


This is the art style I’m going for

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so do I get another one since I submitted art or…what?