Mean filter behaviors

I’m confused about the behaviors, you look at the filter and I’m still confused

  1. Less than=??

  2. Greather than=??

  3. Equal to=??

  4. Not equal to=??

  5. Less than or equal to=??

  6. Greather than or equal to=??
    pls answer :pray:

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What’s confusing about it? There’s a number inside the behavior that you can change by clicking it. Replace the question marks with that number.


But default, its set to “greater than 0”.
That means any number that goes into the “in” input will either be sent through Pass or Fail.

1 greater than 0 = Pass
-1 greater than 0 = Fail

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I MEANING 1-2-3… :thinking: :pray:

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MEANING :thinking: :face_with_monocle: :pray:…PLS MEANING

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What do you mean?
If your asking of inputting 1, 2, or 3, they would all go through “pass” because they are bigger than 0.

If you just want to play around with it to understand how it works, just try something like this:

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  • Less than=??
  • Greather than=??
  • Equal to=??
  • Not equal to=??
  • Less than or equal to=??
  • Greather than or equal to=??
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Do what I did in the picture and test with those different modes.
You change the value and modes in the filter by clicking on it.

To test it, click the play icon in the bottom left corner of the editor.

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It’s used to determine the value of a number and then send it in either of two outputs. The “pass” output is activated if the input “in” makes the conditional statement true. For example, if the filter is set to “greater than 0” and the number “27” was sent into the “in” input, 27 would be sent out from the “pass” output. This is because 27 is greater than 0. However, if the number “-34” was sent into the “in” input then -34 would be sent out of the “fail” output, because -34 is not greater than 0.

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this is math boi: Less than ____(a number), greater than ____ (a number) TURN THOSE ???'s INTO NUMBERS