Is it worth it to get the membership for flowlab? I’m pondering over whether to get a membership or not. It has benefits but I think I’m wasting my money. Is the membership worth it to buy? Tell me how it is or isn’t.

So the benefits are:

  1. Export your games as native apps for PC, Mac, Android and iOS
  2. Unlimited games
  3. Unlimited objects and levels
  4. Multiplayer games
  5. You can upload custom sounds
  6. Custom game pages
  7. Priority support (you can file tickets to report problems)

And if you pay for a year up front, it’s only $5 a month :+1:

Anything you already did, you keep.

But like if you made 7 levels and you go back to a free account, you still have 7 levels but you can’t add anymore levels.

Same with how many games you have and objects. Also I think if you already made an export, you can still get the download but you can’t get a new / updated export.

You can export your games and add them to actual app stores. Even if your not making a game for the app store, as you can see, I have made over 30 example games for anyone to try. Also Grazer is always adding things for Indie accounts, like beta tools/behaviors and customizable game pages.

Sounds good, I think I’ll try it.

im to poor to afford this sadlyScreenshot 2020-05-03 at 2.41.50 PM

sucks being a kid you have to beg for money and when you do you look so stupid doing it

Maybe you could do work and buy it later

@Tailsthefox#1 buy it make us proud as you assend into a higher levle


Wait, how did u make it without the 20 character limit @Tailsthefox_1 ?

these posts were made before the new forums @Cuts_ups

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