memory problem

Only one level, nothing done to it yet, just mucking around because I liked the gfx.

Still … soon after I start it I get a ‘low memory’ warning and then freeze, crash, boom

Could you please try it on your PC and have a look? Just to make sure I didn’t do something stupid again with my flow.

I guess I need a new toy box sigh , was actually planning on saving up for a PS5 instead :slight_smile:

P.S. not my gfx, is open source from here ->

It looks nice, I’m not having any memory issues though.
Also when the object changes by size, it kinda also makes in lighter.
p.s. I love the flip paper Mario look it has.

Here’s a loom recording @TinkerSmith:

Good … at least nothing wrong with my code.
Bad … sigh … PC too old :cry:

Thanks for taking the time @“JR 01”

Yeah, to create the ‘paper flip’ event tempted me :slight_smile:
Looks cool, but otherwise I have no plans with this, LOL
Might put it onto the Wiki as an example … once I get to it, busy days atm

Hey @TinkerSmith - I’ll investigate this, you may have just discovered a memory leak I need to plug. Thanks for reporting it.

Thanks for looking into this @grazer
I have the same problem with most of my projects, that’s why I never got into making a fully fledged game.
But as said, will be my old PC, here the stats:

PC stats

I know … really old. But funny enough, I can run an older version of Solidworks, one memory hungry savage of 3D designer and it runs fine.
Older versions had the same problem on Windows 7, but they fixed it at some stage … something to do with shadow memory management? Just throwing it out there.

If you need to know more let me know, either here or email.

P.S. happens on Firefox and Chrome, no difference

Hey @TinkerSmith - I took a look into this, and it looks like the issue is the repeating background. It’s allocating way too much VRAM, so this is a problem in the engine, not your computer. I’m working on a fix right now, which I intend to put in the next release.

Oh … so it WAS me, LOL. Shouldn’t have used a 3 layer parallax background :slight_smile:

Good to know, thanks for looking into it @grazer
I’m surprised no one else has noticed yet.

Happy tinkering

Well, the three layer background should work fine - there is a leak in the texture code that’s causing the problem, and it will be OK with the next update I think.

Oh, also - I think it looks really good so far :slight_smile:

Hey @grazer is it possible to be hacked?
Press troll mode then refresh…
I didn’t do that

Hey, speaking of a memory problem, does anybody know what this means:
Flowlab Game Creator - Pixel Sports - Google Chrome 6_15_2020 9_46_55 PM
This has been plaguing me for the past year. Sometimes, whenever I use Flowlab, the website crashes and stops the game entirely. The only way to get it back is to refresh. Sometimes this crash corrupts game sprites and deletes behaviors if done in the sprite editor or the behavior editor. Sometimes, this crash presents itself as either a “Lost Context” or “Out of Memory” warning. I tried searching up the answer, but I can’t seem to find a satisfactory answer. I was wondering if it has something to do with too much cache, or if it was this memory leak being discussed here.

And in case you were wondering what game this happens on, the answer is all of them. No matter which game I play/edit, whether it is mine or someone else’s, whether it is a big game or a small one, this crash would always happen.
Also, I am using a Windows 10.

@TinkerSmith - Please let me know if the latest update didn’t fix your problems with Sticker Knight, I believe it should be good to go now.

@Superstargames - does the latest update resolve your issues as well?

@“grazer”, I believe so. I have not used Flowlab much at the moment, so I couldn’t test if the update solved the issue, but so far I think the problem is solved. I’ll keep you updated if anything changes. Thanks by the way for looking into this!

Update: I believe that the problem is resolved. My games and other people’s games no longer crash as often as before. Most of the time, it doesn’t crash at all. The only exception is when browsing through the sprite gallery in the sprite editor, but this is a minor problem that I don’t care about since I rarely browse the sprite gallery.

all good on my end now @grazer, thanks again :slight_smile: