no sadly you cant click on lables i made it so if you click it does the menu and if you click again it hides the menu

is that in level one, because i can’t find it

in levle 1 where the player is

how do i open it? i can’t see it


also, if you didn’t know, there is a pause feature in the game flow section


yeah i knew but if it pauses click inputs dont work any more so…

i don’t think it pauses the click inputs

(behavior handbook)
Mouse click triggers still run when paused, so that the game can be unpaused.

hmm ima go check…

does it work?

nah it dont :frowning:

i think i got it so you can click although it probably isn’t useful(pretty simple)
Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 8.56.27 PM

actually, it can work if you set one of the mouse clicks to right click and the other to left click. when both mouse clicks outputs are down

ok ill check it out later right now im working on my cool turnbased cambat pokemon rip-off game so ima leave the forums in a minute


actually, is it easy to have a menu that drops down when you press something

also what can you do to make it disappear after pressing it again

put a number with the value of zero into alpha(alpha makes it transparent zero into alpha makes it 100 percent trasnparent)(you’ll need an input to make the zero activate if you know what I mean