Merge hitboxes

With this feature squared players will be possible :smiley:

Image 1Image 2

Important edit: All collisions will be activated in the ground object when it collides with something. It’s like the repeater behavior, it all happens in the same frame. If you don’t want that, then make the collision in the player object.


Yeah, I’ve been thinking about how this might work since the very beginning :slight_smile: , but there are a couple of obstacles to overcome:

  1. How does it handle object destroys?
  2. How does it deal with merging heterogeneous object types where they have different collision behaviors?
  3. The physics engine used by Flowlab (Box2d) doesn’t support updating the colliders while the simulation is running (this is the same thing that makes changing sprite collision sizes while the game is running difficult)

That’s not to say it’s impossible, just really tricky…

I also have some different ideas:

  1. Destroying the object or changing the alpha/size or any other property will affect all objects in the group (animations too).
    So it basically acts like 1 object.

  2. I think you’re talking about this:
    Which will be the biggest problem :frowning:

  3. You don’t have to update the collider anymore, because destroying a single object will remove the whole collider.

there’s another very smart solution for this:
I just want a flat bottom and this is enough, I just don’t want my player to be a ball.[/spoiler]

Or just let us make custom collider shapes.