Message block ideas

I have been messing around with message blocks, specifically with lighting systems, for my new game. Although it is possible for the switch to detect the nearest light, it cannot select the closest one to send a message. The two recommendations I have for message block options is “send to all smart blocks” and “send to nearest [select type].” Thanks for considering.


The “Send to All Smart Blocks” is how you would use a global, for the other one something similar has been talked about previously, it’s a good idea.

Being able to input an Object ID would be very useful (And behaviors like Proximity and Collision would be able to output the ID) Though I wonder if a more likely option would be to have an option like ray cast to have a “Send to last proximity”


That made me think, I would love if there were an input to allow you to put an ID into a message block using text.


Having the ability to send texts and lists through the message behavior would save so much time for everything. At the moment, I find myself having to use global behavior to do anything remotely similar, and while it works, it also means there are more global values to keep track of. So having texts and lists be sent through the message behavior, alongside numbers, would be very convenient.


You can send number strings through them still, but text would be much easier. Still, the most needed upgrade is proximity and ID messages.

Yes, being able to output/input Objects ID would be really useful. :pleading_face:

@meburningslime currently, for your game, would doing the inverse work? Adding the proximity to the other object, and making each instance of the object holding the proximity compare their distance with a global? Objects would only set their distance on the global if their distance is less than the one set.
In the end, the ones with the same distance as the global would trigger your logic.
Just a overview version of the logic idea I had.

But it’s definitely possible. I probably had to create a similar for Stacey (even though I don’t remember what logic I added then), because what if the player was close to two of the same weapon objects?
They could only pick up one, so yea, for sure, some similar logic to “send message to closest object” was added.

I hope this helps :+1:

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I would need several dozen globals per level if I did that, as I need this system for light switches turning on lights. Currently I have one switch per room, and each switch is a separate block. It’s not very efficient but it works.