Message! Please play!

I am looking to see if this is a game where people can message each other, please play!


this can maybe be an example for something


I like that idea! I just made it one.


is anyone here because i need help

Sorry, I am back! @Star4m, what do you need help with?

well i need help with the cutsecene

Which cutscene?

i want to make the cutsecene show but i dont know how

here is the link:

can you make a animation?

i made a short talk animation

i made a short talk animation right here

I do not see it, but to make the animation play, you have to go in behaviors, and look for the “animation” behavior, and use a once block to play it.

oh well ok but did you pay for flowlab

do you mean if I have indie? (Which I do now.)

you can export your games on moblie and other

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