Metronome Example - and the idea of Rhythm games



Flowlab Game Creator - Metronome

Here’s a pretty accurate Metronome made in Flowlab!

This Metronome uses the update from last year for remade timer behaviors that can now use 2 decimal places for much more accuracy. There have been many attempts with rhythm games over the years, but I have a few ideas that I want to try this year that would help on the process.

I would like to try to make a charting system that would be able to export charts you make to your game. This would really simplify making different rhythm games and also make it easy to make charts for your game. Look forward to this year for updates on that.

Current limitations with Flowlab and Rhythm Games:

  • A load input and output is needed to load songs without playing them and knowing when to start the game after the music is finished loading.
  • Timers aren’t too too precise because of only going to 2 decimal places.
  • 30 FPS lock in code lowers the accuracy, as well limits BPM to 1800.
    • The FPS behavior is only for physics, not code.
  • There is no Equalizer behavior to output different values for playing music/sounds.
  • Able to Pause/Resume Sound.
  • There is no behavior other than Sound.
    • As in filters, pitches, L / R channels or just sound data.
    • This is largely because different OS uses different formats to play sound.

Most of these limitations I think I can work around, but any of these would just make it much easier to do more with rhythm games. (especially that first point)

Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.
Flowlab Game Creator - Metronome


Another thing that’s pretty frustrating is getting a consistent load time with sounds. For example, if you wanted to loop a song or line up two different sound files, loading a sound in can take a certain time. I’m not very experienced with audio files but being able to set a consistent load time or load before choosing a time to play the sound would be nice.


Load time is never consistent and is why I put it as the first bullet point to have it as the output.
The only workaround I have for this is to give the player a question if they can hear the music before it actually starts the game. Having a load output would solve a lot of issues right now.

Actually if we could have a load input and output, we could have the music ready before the level starts.