Mhx is confusing - explain what he said to me xD

So, a while back I was suggesting some stuff, then @“Mhx Ar” told me how to do it with current mechanics. I wanted it so when I got close to something, I could interact with it, and he sent me this:

Someone a few months ago asked how they could make a button press enter a door when they’re in front of it, and I made them a code for it. Basically connect a proximity to a NOR. Connect the proximity to the door to an (on) switch and the NOR to the (off). (Use x if you want to be beside the door, use y if you want to have to be exactly on the door.) Have spacebar or click or whatever you want to open the door go to (in). When you’re near the door, the button or click works, when you aren’t near the door, the NOR turns the switch off so the button does nothing.

I was wondering if someone could put this in a game, so that I can see the mechanics myself, because this makes no sense to me.

Try this instead,

Player (small circle) proximity (y) for the door
Keypress (your choice)

Connect them both to an AND gate

Have the AND gate go to two numbers for x and y (grid) position

Whatever the two numbers are, when you hit a key in proximity to the door, AND will teleport you to that position

thanks, works great!