Microsoft Publisher Info

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Is there a standard way to update the PC Publisher Information? I need help making the app feel more legit.

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Could you please be more specific? Do you mean flowlab, the Apple App Store, Steam, Free Downloads, or Grazer’s Info?

Yes. If I build (Flowlab Game/App) for PC, and run the executable, I receive a notification that the Publisher is unknown. This is happening on PC. Annotation 2020-08-20 140106

Oh, that’s because flowlab is indie. Just run anyway. If this is happening with other people, try putting it on a flash website such as and send the link instead.
@grazer may have some more detailed ways of fixing this if you want more help, though! :wink:

Hey @4d5452 - this message (publisher uknown) is because the app is not signed. You can create a signing certificate and sign your apps if you would like to get rid of this message, but the process is not very straightforward.

Once signed, Windows will still display this message but the publisher will no longer say “unknown”.

If you want to get rid of the message altogether, you’ll probably need to purchase an “EV” certificate, which is like $400 per year.

The whole situation kind of sucks, maybe write Bill Gates a letter.

It’s possible that I could buy a certificate and add signing to the export pipeline, but then all games would have “Flowlab” as the publisher instead of “4d5452” or whatever your own developer name is.

oof, I suspected something like this.
Best next step is probably to get Steam License.

Thats why i use a MacBook its very easy to navigate plus you hardly run in to those problems if you do you hit a couple of buttons and your good :slight_smile:

@grazer , thank you for the feedback! I’m okay with not paying microsoft :wink: