Middle Mouse Drag for Sprite Editor

I don’t know if this has ever been requested and it’s not much of a necessity but just more of an easier solution for PC or any device using a mouse.

In the spite editor, it would be pretty cool if you can use the middle mouse button or clicking the scroll wheel to move across the sprite editor instead of having to go over and click the hand icon and then back onto the color tool every time you have to move.

I’ve spent 3 years doing CAD drawings and it had this same system and I feel it would work really well for the sprite editor.

I don’t know if it would interfere with trackpad or touch screen users at all so this is just more of a cosmetic than a true important use, and I understand if there are complications that would limit you from doing so, but I wanted to say something on it as I feel it would make the sprite editor slightly easier to handle.


I would have tagged grazer or JR01, but I’m sure you guys are probably quite busy with the flowjam starting up in a couple hours, so I don’t find this a big deal to address.


I agree, I’ve used autocad and aesprite and both of them have good options for planning, it’s quite annoying in flowlab though especially when you’re zoomed in

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