Minesweeper - A Very Rushed and Unoriginal Game I Made in 96 Hours

A classic puzzle game that I’m sure many of you are aware of.

Minesweeper is a puzzle game where your goal is to clear the entire board without triggering any mines. Think you’ve found a tile containing a mine? Right-click that tile to flag it. Left-click that tile to unflag it (be careful not to double-click, because if you were right, then you just set off a mine).

If you clear a tile that has a mine next to it (orthogonally or diagonally), it will display a number telling you how many mines are next to it. Using logic, reasoning, and sometimes guessing, you must pinpoint where the mine(s) could be, then clear all safe tiles.

So far, as I am writing this discussion, you will only be scored if you play on Easy mode. I will add a scoring system to the other gamemodes soon (as the title states, this project was rushed really badly).

Want to try out the game? Here it is:


Yeah, this is way better (harder too). Nice Job, @MetaNinja!

One thing I would love for you to add is full screen! Being on such a small screen, I have to constantly scroll to reach the different parts of the mine field.


Okay, I’ll add the option to toggle full-screen.

There we go, it has been added. Press “F” to toggle full-screen.


Ah, Letterbox. You have good tastes, sir.