Mini FlowJam Idea

As long as it is allowed, I was thinking of doing a miniature FlowJam in the Forums. Can someone tell me if I’m allowed to do that. I just thought it was a neat idea.

of course you’re allowed to do that

cool, i’ll get to work then on making the theme and rules and stuff

Well, I almost forgot about this entirely. The theme will be announced on Wednesday, September 21. So be ready :smiley:

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Okay! Its here. The NediaJam has begun! All contestants will have two weeks to make a game based on the theme: Chain Reaction. Hopefully that theme isn’t to simple and boring.

You have until October 5th at midnight to submit your game, otherwise i won’t count it. The game will be rated the same way the FlowJam does. It will be judged by Fun, Theme, Art, and Creativity!

Start X-File music