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So I would consider myself pretty proficient at Flowlab, not the best, but decent. So I wanted to share my games in order and give a little backstory behind why they were created.

Chapter 1: Discovering Flowlab

One day in mid/early June 2020, I watched a video saying something similar to “Only 2% of the population know how to code”, and I thought I wanted to be part of that small percent. So I decided to look at some different videos on how to code.

Now I made the beginner mistake of looking at tutorials for chunks of code and not learning the basics. So I was basically copying code and having no idea what any of it did. Because of this I thought maybe coding isn’t for me, but I decided to look around on google for “Coding Sandboxes” and Flowlab was one of the first things that came up for me. I decided to give it a try and work on my first game. That game has been deleted, but I only worked on it for about a week or two. At the time, I had the brilliant idea of trying to recreate Smash Bros because I liked the game and thought it would be a cool idea.

So I started working on this game towards the beginning of July and development stopped in late July when I forgot about Flowlab

After this, I didn’t use Flowlab until December 1st, 2021.

Chapter 2: Rediscovery

At this time, I had the itch to make a game again and I remembered that I had used a site before, but I forgot the name of it. So once again I searched “Coding Sandbox” and there it was! So at the start of December, I started making a new game and joined the forums in case I needed help with any coding problems. I worked on this game almost every day for about a month until the Flowjam started.

Chapter 3: Flowjam

At the start of January 2022, the Winter Flowjam started. I had remembered seeing a Flowjam when I was making a game before and seeing the winning game was Escape the Rewind. The theme for this Flowjam was Transformation and I got to work on my game. I had this idea of making a game about a seed that fell into a hole and you needed to make it grow big enough that it would grow another seed outside the hole (beautiful story actually, if you get to the cut-scene it’s heartwarming). So I work on this game for 2 weeks and finished 11th place in the Winter Flowjam. It was a great experience I learned a lot from.

Chapter 4: Entering the Forums

I had been on the forums as mentioned before since Dec 1st and for only my ~2-2.5 months of experience I felt I was pretty good (Probably thought I was better than I was, sorry if I seemed arrogant at any time in my beginning stages). At this time I noticed that JR01 seemed to be a respected user and I wanted to try and reach his level of coding. So I started being active on the forums and trying to answer as many Help Requests as I could.

Around mid-February, I started working on Alpaca Raceway because I recently discovered a game called Trackmania that I really liked (I haven’t played it, only seen videos of it). When I posted about it on the forums on March 8th it was my first real devlog.

Chapter 5: Large developments

So after making Alpaca Raceway (Development still going atm) I entered 2 game jams and made another game called Chain Reaction (Could make it much better now and probably will someday). The games for the jams were The Hazard Project and Blandus.

The big development happen when I partnered with DinoDev for Alpaca Raceway and future developments. Alpaca Raceway is on hold and has been since the Flowjam, and I do always have an itch to work on it, but I want to finish some other things first before I go back into full development mode on the game. I’m also glad I took the break becasue my art is much better now and I’d rather not have to redo all the sprites again and again every time I get better.

Being partnered with the incredibly kind DinoDev is why you’ll see Special Thanks to DinoDev in all my games/examples.

Chapter 6: Summer Flowjam

So the Flowjam had started once again and it was time for me to get cracking. The theme for this one was Out of Space (A theme that I wished I had done better on). Blah blah blah coding stuff happens and I make Color Complex. I’m not particualy happy with this game because it doesn’t meet my expectations of what I can do. But, I still managed to do a decent job and get 7th place, so I am happy that other people liked the game.

Near late July I also made a list for myself of what to do to improve my games for Flowjams, so when the next Flowjam is out I’ll be prepared.

Chapter 7: What’s next to come?

I really like the Flowlab community so I’ve been making a lot of examples in the past months or so. I haven’t posted all of them yet and it will probably be posted in a single bundle Library.

I’m currently experimenting with some different things that I really want to finish. As you will probably notice all these games are unfinished so I won’t make any more games until one of the projects I am working on is finished.

I hope to be with Flowlab Community for a long time, it has been such a wonderful experience.

Also, I wrote in my Bio that I’m going to force Grazer to give me the “Pushing the Envelope” badge. I did that sometime in March I think, so hasn’t happened yet. But that’s one of the projects that I am working currently so fingers crossed that it works as I have planned.

You’ll probably be wondering what the purpose of this was. Idk it was mostly just to show the progress I’ve made and to list all my current games + some of the things to come. Thank you Flowjam Community for this ever-unfolding adventure :heart: :llama:

So to quote my past self.


Hey I just wanted to let you know that I read your entire bio, some people will just quick scroll through it and then heart it. But let me tell you that what I read was really inspiring and got me remembering the first time I ever discovered flowlab. I hope you do great things and good luck to you on your secret project. :wink: :+1:


This is the best Flowlab lore yet! Greatly inspiring read.


Seven months later:

I looked at your bio and found this topic, so I looked into it. Now, I am inspired to write my story on Flowlab. It might be interesting, but since I have a free account, boring.

Overall, this is very fun and interesting lore about your Flowlab experience. Alike @KiwiLeaf_Entertainment, this made me remember my Flowlab experience. I think you are doing well on your goal to reach the respect level of @JR01. He is actually my role-model too (For Flowlab). :slight_smile:



best revival yet? This has also made me read it :laughing:


I have also read this topic, and acquired lore knowledge pertaining to Flowlab.


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