Minor Forums Bug (Grazer)

I’ve been seeing this for a while. Most of the time, when a new post is created, Flowlab automatically sets the time since the post was… posted to 2 hr.

I just posted this. I have noticed this happen multiple times and now, I’m pretty sure it should be fixed.

Have you seen this bug before?
  • Yes
  • No

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Once again, I will not tag Grazer, seeing he is very busy.


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Grazer does not own the forums so there’s no way he can fix it.

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Strange, who does?

That’s a question for grazer not me.

He owns it technically but this is a problem he can’t fix since the forum software wasn’t created by him.

It’s a software grazer uses for his forums, and many other people do too.

It’s like using weebly to make a website, it gives you a good base to build upon, with set things in place like a bot and moderation, but you can add badges and stuff.

You can make your own discourse forum if you want. I have the app and I’m in multiple.


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