Misalignment error

There’s a misalignment error when the object has no texture but has animations!
To avoid it I used a paint bucket with 1 opacity but this won’t work for most people if the object is solid

to test it make an object then this should make it snap to cords properly

then delete its texture completely and add an animation of any color (that activates at the start)
then it won’t be aligned properly so you will have to delete the +16 in the expressions though the raycast still shoots as if you have the +16

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “misalignment error”. Collision shapes are generated from the main sprite, not from animation frames. If the main sprite is missing, probably no reasonable collision shape will be created.

Am I misunderstanding what you’re saying?

go to this

it works at first but then remove the texture (of the blue object) and it will be misaligned
can I get the tag (bug detector on the forums :slight_smile: my goal this week has been to find as many bugs as possible to help out you guys!)

also, check out the other bug report about the visual lines not connecting properly I finally found a way to replicate it!

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Unless I am misunderstanding something, this misaligment isn’t a bug. It appears to be misaligned because there are no pixels for it to guess where you want the center to be :man_shrugging:


oh ok, that makes sense I guess, but could you hard code an exception? (if the texture is blank then set the center as the center)