Mobile support and maybe an app PLEASE!

VERY minor but it would be nice to be able to download and app for flowlab so you can edit offline and also add an easier way to use flowlab on mobile, like a separate site or ,as I mention 5 seconds ago, an app to download.I have a I-Pod but cant use flowlab on it.So this would be a great addition.


you sure you’d want to edit on a screen that tiny? I do agree that some better mobile support could take flowlab to the next level. It’d be the first game development platform to be good on mobile (as far as I know).


Speaking as someone who has worked on projects developing for various platforms before, it takes a lot of effort to maintain apps on more than one platform at once. I think @grazer will be able to get more features done faster on this platform if he doesn’t have to simultaneously maintain them for a bunch of others. It can end up quite work-intensive otherwise.

A mobile-friendly web app is another option, but even that can end up with a bunch of maddening bugs.


I like how you said very minor but its such a huge request of a features. Still nothing wrong with it for that the section is here, just was very funny to me lol

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