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so game reviews have been pretty popular over the past few months. They even got their own category.
So I decided to make my own game reviews, cuz most people just go to one game review topic and the person can’t review all of the games that have been asked to be reviewed all at once. So yeah, feel free to post your games here to be reviewed.


I’ll have to bookmark this cause I can’t send a link now since I’m on phone, but I will later. I currently don’t have any finished games, but I have a demo that’s out.

here is a demo

Here’s free account child: A-Box (2019)

ok, I’ll start right away

Okay so here it is:
This game is probably my biggest project yet, but development stopped when I lost Indie and I need to find a way to get indie again.
This game is far from done and the demo needs revamped, but at least you can try it out for yourself and give me feedback.
yeah, I know there are no jump scares yet, but that will be added soon.

P. S. when going through the vertical doors, walk a little but below them to enter, I had one to many people complain about that and I don’t see anything wrong with it. So please walk a little bit under the door instead of just straight through, thanks.

I’m not sure what game to submit. My best game so far, Pixel Sports, has already been reviewed so many times that I think people have already grown used to seeing it everywhere. Meanwhile, my other two games are nowhere near as good as Pixel Sports. So I’m just going to submit this game:

By the way, it is a co-op multiplayer, so if you want to grab some friends, that would be a better experience for you.
I’m already calling that this will receive a low grade…

there is not really much you can do in the game so I’ll try my best to do this. I will also have to keep this one short because there is not a lot to explain

Gameplay: as I said, you can’t do a lot in the game but I could see it becoming pretty good but right now its a 3/10

Objective: You don’t have any objective but it is just a random generator so you can’t really count it as a game. so for this one its a 1/10

Advance: This game is advanced and for a generator, it actually is pretty decent. So I’ll give this one a 8/10

Fun: I actually played around with the game but I stopped playing around after a while so its a 3.5/10

So here is your total @GGSTUDIOS I know this game is just a demo, but I can see it being decent in the future. your total is a 4.7/10

next I’m going to review @rcreger 's game. this one will probably take more time to review.

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Can Review My Game?

(its Not Finished)


in this one im going to add more ratings for this one




Layout: the layout of the game is pretty good, and you know from the start what you are supposed to do and what you are doing. It also has a good level layout as you can see if you go into the editor and look at the levels.

So for this one I’m giving a 8.8/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty fun and you could play it for hours. Otherwise, I don’t have to say anything. I’ll give this one 9.2/10

Sound: The game had great sounds and they really fit to the game. It drags you into the game witch is a reason why I could play it for hours. so I’ll give this one a 8.4/10

Advance: It’s a simple game but it’s really fun. I have nothing else to say, I think this one should get a 7.3/10

Objective: In this game it’s pretty clear what the objective is once you touch that blue box. You also know what you are ding at all times so here is this ones mark: 10/10

Fun: this game is really fun and as I said, you could play it for hours. so here is your mark for fun: 9.6/10

A box is a really great game @rcreger . I know it’s finished, but if you add a few more updates it could reach a 10/10. but for now, I’m giving you a total of 9.3/10


Thanks for the review, @Cuts_ups! Really appreciate it!


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