More OS compatability

Can we get more compatability from the exporter.

I just got a raspberry PI 3, and I mainly want Linux compatability.

I mentioned this before myself, but grazer would have to put in controller support, unless you own one of those tiny little keyboards and would like to play with keyboard controls on that. I honestly believe that people that build raspberry pis would enjoy not having to learn a coding language to make games for their pi. There is a severe lacking of Homebrew for the Raspberry Pi, it’s mostly used for emulators. There is a lot of room for game development in that field.

yep. I’m posting using mine right now. Anyway, its really slow, probably should optomize it a little.

If your Pi3 is slow, I’m going to assume you either didn’t build it yourself and bought it from some Chinese retailer online, or you built it on old software or cheap parts. If you have a heatsink, you can overclock it. Also, be sure to update all your programs to the latest versions. Open up the command window and use app get for the chromium browser update if you are using the jessie desktop engine.

Jessie is what Im using. Im still learning the ropes though. Made multiple failed attempts to install steam, mainly because a stupid package wasnt installing (

Apparently the reason it was running so slow was it was dealing with undervoltage (I had hooked it up to a battery for portability) so I hooked it up to the power source it came with.
Needless to say it worked.

Steam is Fun.

You may want even more amps than you need. Just don’t increase the voltage. I had this problem myself when using an android charger. Now I believe I have a 5 amp heavier duty wall plug, and it never shows the lightning bolt symbol for low power, even if I overclock it for N64. A 3a 5v should be perfect for you if you aren’t going to be modding it, and just playing games. I was going to add fans to it and a mini tower, before I got my laptop, so I don’t ever use the Pi much now.

installing steam feels impossible. Any ideas on how to get that thing working?

anyway, I plan on two things: keeping Raspberrian, but also installing Windows 10, and Installing SB3, if @grazer ever makes a linux version. My school has a 3D printer that you can pay to use, and I was going to make a Mini arcade machine with it, but simultaniously use it as a PC to work on my games with.


I still really want this.

I still really want this