More OS compatability

Here are some Operating systems that I’d Like to run flowlab desktop games, along with priority.

  1. Mac
  2. Linux (Raspberrian in particular, the portability of it is invaluable.)
  3. Maybe some consoles too? Imagine running Starblast 3 on Console, or an apple watch, or an… you get the idea.

I thought that flowlab already ran natively on the Mac. Grazer uses a Mac. The original version of flowlab would export in xcode, and was able to natively run using Mac’s interpretation of the iOS, that allows you to use some of the apps on the App Store. I’m not sure if that’s still relevant, but I don’t know how much has changed in the last 6 years.

I agree with Debian, since I suggested it about a year or two ago, which would possibly work on raspbian as well. I still believe that people that use Raspberry Pi are always looking to make new games, instead of only playing emulators.

As for consoles and Apple watch, I don’t believe those will ever happen, because it’s up to the company that created them to allow the software, which is pretty unlikely. The Wii was the last console to allow various shovelware on their store. If it isn’t fancy Graphics, high-tech, and able to have achievements, it’s not getting on console, and as for the watch, I don’t think people play games on watches.

Youd be surprised. Back when pebble still existed, there was too many games to count. Apple Watch- Im not sure, I dont have one. But I imagine the store is huge for that thing. Back then it was not many people play games on phones but then apple existed, so something tells me the same thing will go for their watch.

Plus, imagine a game where you use your watch to control a character on the phone- what if flowlab became capable of that?


So Mac shouldn;t be too hard in theory. Linux maybe. Consoles are tricky because in order to export or run on most consoles you need to have signed a Developer agreement with the console manufacturer, and usually pay a hefty sum and/or buy a console dev kit. The technology isn’t really the problem here as much as the licensing agreements.

The one potential exception is the Switch, which seems to have more relaxed rules AFAICT - I haven’t investigated too deeply there though.

I wouldn’t worry about consoles until flowlab games are able to have DLC or app purchases, and controller support.