More than 50 sprites for free edition

Could there be a way for someone with free edition to get more than 50 sprites @grazer. I wanted to add some mobile features to a game like a joystick and stuff but probably wont have enough sprites left once the game is done. I can understand not giving every free account a sprite increase for most could be bot accounts but as a member whos been on for over a year, I just wanted to know if there was a way to get more sprites.

Hi @ManiacPumpkin ,
have a look at @“JR 01” 's thread here:

He made a whole game with ONE object by the clever use of sprite animations. It’s a way of letting a sprite represent more than one object.

@TinkerSmith I thought of doing something similar to that but trying to have a really big sprite also the same as a small could be a little difficult.

Yes, I can see that. I admit it is easier to combine sprites that are nearly the same size.
It’s a tinker task :lol:

@TinkerSmith this has been solved before though! Sizes are created by ragdoll joints. Multiple items, as you said, can be done with spawnings. If you need more than fifty individual items, then add the code in for multiple objects in one, then have all but the one you are using deactivate at spawn.

Ok, thanks.

Yes @meburningslime , I know it has been solved before, you don’t have to tell me that.
Why do you think I refered to @“JR 01” 's example, lol.
It wonderfully shows different ways of doing it :slight_smile: