"Motherboard" (Boss fight now complete and ready for playtesting)

Thank you, I am glad you liked it :blush:

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No problem! Iā€™m glad I liked it too :blush:

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  • Fixed Combo Meter animation not updating when taking damage
  • Fixed taking damage from Kunoichi instead of only Corrupted Wave

Special Attacks will now cost from your Combo Meter.

Full Power Rush name is now seperate:

Full Power Rush will automatically be activated when the Combo Meter reaches 30.

Power Rush can be activated early and it will cost 1 from your Combo Meter.

After activating a Special Attack (Example: (Full) Power Rush) the enemy attack sequence should be delayed, opening windows for new combos
  • Yes
  • No

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Update: I noticed that Power Rush will be too overpowered if I implement the combo extending mechanic, so in the future, certain Special Attacks will not delay the enemy attack sequence; Power Rush for starters. However, this will not be the case for Full Power Rush.


I.like.being.overpowered . :man_shrugging:
Nah just do what you want


@ManiacPumpkin I know that you liked the earlier build, can you try it now? :slight_smile: