Mouse Bug

Having more than one mouse input will result in only one triggering when set to trigger on object click. This applies to bundled mouse inputs as well


I don’t have a specific example but check the click object on the home screen of my game. All three should change the gui but only one does

It seems that Mouse clicks are assigned to the object if its not selected to click everywhere.
For more options, you could use the right click and click anywhere as separate inputs.
But why would you want multiple mouse inputs inside the same object?

It could help if you create several bundles with different set up for the mouse click, but thats fully necessary unless you have a reason to use several of the same mouse clicks on the one object.

I’m more interested that you can do this with the exact same single keyboard input in the one object and not with the mouse clicks. Will there be a universal mouse click in the same object @grazer?