mouse click not working

mouse click aint working

Leave a link to your game and we can take a look at it.

@“JR 01” happens on whatever part of it is touching another object

Well the MouseClick works,
Could you explain more where exactly it doesnt work…

in the battle level the fight button is unclickable in any area thats not the right side @“JR 01”

It’s because the “Ember” command button is on front of the “Fight” button.

I recommend placing the Commands (“Ember”) off screen and use the Position block to move it in place after you click the “Fight” button.


@jr01 for some reason the extracters arent working

What are you extracting and in what object?
make sure to input the Name & Type in the extractor.

I did that its not extracting for some reason

What are you extracting and in what object?

im extracting the fight button in the fire attack 1 object in the ui layer @“JR 01”

Took me a while to figure things out and I have a solution.
I’m not sure why the “other” in extractor isn’t working in the fire attack object.

You need to extract “this X” and Y in the and send it to the fire attack object.
Another issue was because the fire attack object was deletes from the global behavior, I recommend to not delete the objects and just put them off screen.

In fight button object:

In fire attack object:

thank you very much