Moving Block

I am trying to make a block that moves up and down constantly and flips to go the other way after a certain amount of time. How it is setup now is that it starts out moving down and it continuously moves downward. But the block doesn’t change and go the other way. I’m not sure why it is doing this.

Post a link to your game, and describe which object it is

It’s on the third level the blue block to the right.

The “Flip” block affects the object’s “forward” direction. The velocity is being set directly on the “y” axis, so toggling the forward direction has no affect. Try setting the “forward” input instead on the Velocity block.

By putting it on “forward” input it does help solve some of the problem but now the block moves on the x axis instead of the y axis. But it did however fix the flip issue.

set the block to “movable” in physics, then go to properties and set the default forward direction to up