Moving character to 4 certain positions with key press

So, the characters gonna be moving onnly left and right and can only be in 4 different areas. Like roads. He will be dodging rocks on certain paths/areas/roads and to do that he will go onto another road like by pressing the right button he will move along one column. But i need it also so he cant move forwards or backwards. AAny ideas on how to do this?? Im really stuck. Thanks all.


Lol is everyone at school or sleeping

I’m at neither, I just wasn’t looking at the forums. I’ll see what I can whip up :ok_hand:

Change -32 and 32 to change how far you move in each direction, and that’s it :+1:

oh and the 2 is whatever lane you start in

if you want to increase or decrease the amount of lanes just change the “equal to 4” to be whoever many lanes you want

Thanks appreciate it. Now i can finally move on :smiley:

Wait… no i cant. Any chance you could send me a link to that? Or like a screen recording of it working?

What’s happening? I don’t have any recording software

Are both of the switches on by default?

yeah they are on by default

But what happens when you try it?
Here’s an example

Did you figure it out?

I will. Rn im just doing some pixel art for someone, they hired me :unamused:

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:flushed: who? and why do you seem unhappy about it

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Im apparently not allowed to say but they are on this forum. Also thats an unamused face cus im… unamused llol

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Also ive done loaaadddss of pixel art for pple today… and i got school tmmr

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Good luck with that then B)

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It works imma see if that code works in my game then modify if thats ok : )

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It just glitches a little across the screen then goes bcak!

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Huh. Can you send a link? It’s probably the object’s properties that are screwing it up

(sorry for not answering earlier I’ve been hooked on Loop Hero)