moving platform

I used grazers example to have a moving platform, but i don’t understand where the numbers 290 and 32 came from. Someone please explain to me. The example:

  1. This can be extremely useful in making ragdolls and the like, as you can chop down individual parts of a creature or enemy. Also, the graphics maximum of flowlab is 32x32, which means you can literally color in every pixel! For an example of how you can utilize this, check out my game!

@USERNAME55 the numbers are the numbers of pixels that the left and irght side is on. So, when it reaches pixel 32 (left side) or pixel 290(right side), it swaps directions. To make this work for anywhere in a level, use an extractor of this x position and have it go into two expressions. It should go into the A and the Eval inputs, with the expression itself for them:
expression 1: A (This calculates the left side)
expression 2: A+290 (This calculates the right side)
Now have one expression go into one filter, and the second expression go into the other, both on the “value” input. This will set the left and right borders for the values.
Finally, make sure that the extractror is only activated once. Otherwise, it will keep on going forever!

Thank you so much I can’t tell you how much still helps!!!

Out of curiosity how many pixels are equivalent to one square on the grid.

No worries! I am happy to help.