Moving platforms up and down

How do you make platdorms go up and down?

I made a video… Do you want this?

Another great video Latif3, thanks!

Thanks Grazer! Really appreciate that! :smiley:

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Thank you, that’s great! But I would like to jump with a character on a moving block and move with it, like an elevator for example. Right now the character stays in place, while the block is moving away and through my character (if I make it move up and down). Can you help me with that? Thanks in advance!

Hey SusieundMari,

Post a link to your game, and it will be much easier to help with your problems :slight_smile:

You could make it exactly like when the “elevator” is moving in Latif’s vid, but you get rid of the “always” node and replace it with"Collision" , which is set to the moving object.
The whole behavior node would be placed in the character behaviors.

If you wanted to get really picky, you could set the collision to only affect the top of the block.