Moving Sprites (Players) according to a Random "Dice" Roll

Is it possible to have a Sprite move a certain number of spaces based on the Random Behavior? I have it so when you mouse over the “dice”, it rolls a random number and the number is displayed, that is all well and good. How do I translate that into automatic movement? Basically, say there are squares, like in Monopoly, and you want to move the game piece. The player mouses over the “dice”, and that random number is sent to the Player Sprite, which then moves that number of spaces. The movement can be based on the grid, say position X + 1 for a roll of 1, position x + etc for a roll of etc.

The idea is that more than one person can play this game. Does Flow Lab allow for an overall game logic flow of having a turn based game? Where one player goes, then the next etc.

TL;DR: Mouse over random number sprite, number is generated, Player Sprite, which is separate from the Random Number Sprite, automatically moves according to the Number generated by the Random Number Sprite. Can this be done and if so, how?

Also, how do you delete objects? I went to Library, but there was no option to delete Objects. Also, how does one delete Sprite colors? I was experimenting and would now like to delete Sprite colors that i don’t want anymore. I have a bunch of random “New Objects” in the library. How can I get rid of them?

For both the Object library, and the Sprite Color Browse section, how can i delete ones that i don’t want anymore?

can i see a link to your game

Also, how do I fill in the background all at once? Instead of creating a New Object on the Background layer and clicking each individual one. Because, if your width is 20x20 clicking each square to fill in the background is not practical.

Also, i’d rather not link to the game. The flow of logic for the dice is sprite is: Click Mouse (mouse over) leads to > Random Behavior leads to > A Label which displays the number. Im trying to take the number generated by the random behavior and apply it to a Player sprite, causing the Player sprite to move (just jumping to the spot is fine) by that number, as generated by the Random Behavior.

Id rather not click to fill in each space. I did find a way to re-size sprites, however. That way, i could fill in big pieces of the background at a time. I guess theres a way of comparing the game screen size to the sprite size. Cause i picked a random sprite size and was cloning the bigger sprites, and i got some overlapping on the screen and overlapping outside of the screen.

I guess i would just fill in the big pieces and then fill in the rest with normal sized sprites.

Wait, by link do you mean the development environment or by link do you mean play mode?

I put in a background in the Background layer, but for some reason the Sprites on the Game World Layer will not move. I figured the background was just that, and did not interfere with the sprites in the Game World. How do you put in a background, in the Background Layer, so it does not interfere with the Sprites in the Game World Layer?

hey I think that you got this covered. SO I am wondering if you want any help with anything else.

In terms of the movement and Background, i had made a mistake with the flow of logic.

To Super_Spring: I was still wondering about the result of the Random Behavior being sent to the Player Sprite and having the Player Sprite move. As in, the player mouses over the Sprite, which sets off the Random Behavior. The number generated by that Random Behavior is what im trying to have the Player Sprite receive. Once received, it will then act on that number.

link to the game


In the Sprite Editor, under Browse are all of the Sprite colorations. I found no way to delete those. They’re in a single file line.

For the Background layer, the only way i saw to fill it in was to Clone something to fill in each individual square. I know you can make Sprites bigger and then use that to fill in the space, but i dont know how to make the Sprite size fit into the game screen size, i guess i just have to guess, and then fill in the remaining squares manually. Say, i make a new sprite 3.0 x 3.0, i can use that to fill in the background. I found they dont overlap with each other, so i’d fill in what i could and then fill in the remaining squares.

I have other questions here:

I got movement down, pause down (basically) and scoring, but Pause wont stop clickability (setting up an exploit where the player can pause and keep clicking to rack up points) and I saw the Timer function, but no mention of how to do a timer running down to zero.


Thank you so much! I found the Levels where you can change the whole color. Didn’t find the paint bucket (went to settings) but that’s fine, the Levels part works great for changing the color.

In terms of pausing, there are no mailboxes involved. Did you mean the Pause button has a Send Message to the Clickable objects, telling them to pause?

PS: In the Game World Layer, you can delete Objects with no problem. In the Background Layer’s game object Library, i clicked on an Object, just like in the game world layer, but there is no delete option for them.