.mp3 file to url

I have an .mp3 FILE. How do I make it into a URL?

You can use Kiwi6. Make an account, upload your mp3 file and copy the hotlink when it’s uploaded. Then paste it in the sound behavior.

Thanks very much for helping. <3

Also, if you have a website of your own, you may be able to load the music into the media and copy the link from there. If you do not have a website, depending on what website you get the sounds from, or what browser you have, you may be able to enter the URL.
For example, if you go to a website like https://downloads.khinsider.com/, and pick what song you want to find the URL (let’s say the Mario Ground Theme, https://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/game-sound-museum-famicom-ban-01-super-mario-bros./01%20Above%20Ground%20BGM.mp3), if you have Fire-Fox, point your mouse pointer to the right of the page URL and click on the document icon. It will load a coding page, scroll down, and click on the “Click here to download as MP3” icon to load yourself to the audio URL. (Which, in this case, would be

By the way, https://downloads.khinsider.com/, give away free music from almost any game you can name! They do a lot of hard work!