Mp3 import?I'm dumb?

I Know it’s a strange request but:

my help request is:I want to turn this into my game’s music, but it always has to be an mp3 url, I’ve been to many sites but I can’t, I can’t turn this into an MP3 url, God, can someone help me?

I just need to say that, I don’t have indie, because I live in BRAZIL, an indie account is 300 BRL, the price of a used laptop (here in Brazil)

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lol I have had that problem many times. I’m not exactly sure how to to it. I normally can just upload directly because I have indie…

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Download it to your computer, then see if its a Mp3. This is the only way I can think to do this. I’m not sure about even being able to upload Mp3s without indie though.


It takes a special link to upload mp3 files. There was a website that an old user made a long time ago that had many custom sounds and music that wasn’t on flowlab, but trying to make your own into a usable link isn’t possible to my knowledge. I’ve been able to find existing links that will sometimes work, but never been able to use my own unless I uploaded them with indie.


So there’s no way to make this the music in my game?


you can import music into your game using bee’s method written above; download it and then drag it into the editor when prompted to upload an audio file.

You can make the engine ask for an audio file by opening an audio behavior and then navigating to the option where you can upload your own audio; it should be straightforward.

The one issue is that it will sometimes take a smidge of time to load audio - audio is not loaded with the game on flow lab which can make things annoying sometimes.


ok got it i’m dumb
I didn’t understand a word
D. A. R. N.

Another way you can put this song in your game is by using the website, signing up or logging in, uploading your song to JukeHost, and then copying the mp3 link. You can do the same with Discord, but Discord is blocked at most, if not all schools, so you might wanna use JukeHost instead.

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Thank’s mate, or should I say guardian angel?


No problem Flowlabro! Flowlabro is good.

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