Multiplayer Chat

I have set out on a quest to make a multiplayer chat system. I have run into MANY bugs. If you find solutions to literally anything, please do tell.

Thanks for your help!


No matter how I think about it, this isn’t really possible currently in Flolwab’s Multiplayer.
There needs to be a working shared behavior that can handle text for that to work.

I can maybe think of one way that may be possible, but it would be something like Pizza’s custom text but with some changes like controlling each group of text and see any issues in spawning a bunch of characters at once. It would be unnecessarily advance to only maybe work.

I wouldn’t recommend cloud either, it would be super slow, constantly over-writing itself and not get to the other users sometimes.

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it’s been done before, just search ‘multiplayer chat’ up on the forums and find it

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Crimson did it with a cloud behavior and a few other users made a multiplayer attempt.
None of which work all that great that I know of.

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it doesn’t use cloud

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I see he used the shared behavior. I’m honestly surprised it’s working, it has been known to not to be triggering correctly. This changes a lot if the shared behavior actually works.

Now only if the keyboards didn’t interfere with other players, that’s one of the biggest problems with multiplayer.

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Yeah so I’ve made 2 versions of a multiplayer chat so far, both of which work (at least they did when I made them):

The second one has no labelled keys yet because I’m waiting on grazer to change Labels to be object- specific XD

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