Multiplayer Game Help

Hello everyone! I am sorry for bothering you, as I know you all are hard at work with the flowjam entries as well.

My problem in my game, when another player joins in, the game crashes, and none of the features show up. (ex. the bow or hand)
Does anybody know what to do with it?
Also please let me know what you think of the game!

Game Link

Also, I have been testing it in a seperate tab. Idk if that hints anything.

Your not Indie that is why it wont work.

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I have indie on another account. This is my forums account. Thanks though!

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I think it’s really well-polished so far! Maybe could do with a number 0 going into the player velocity when they let go of the keys though, because right now the player drifts a little and doesn’t come to a complete stop unless you hit a wall or something.

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Yeah, I noticed that it is drifting too… It has a zero number inputted but I don’t know what keeps it drifting… I am going to work on it now.

EDIT; Ok, I fixed the drifting problem! I think all the physics behaviors were causing it.

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You’re welcome!

W rizz :grin:

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movement is very buggy


I hate to do this, because I’m sure he’s busy with the flojam, but @CodeAlpaca , do you have any idea how to fix this?

Yeah I am busy with the Flowjam rn. If it was a quick solve I’d love to help, but multiplayer is a tricky one which I’ll never know how long it’ll take. So the game crashes when someone else joins, but runs fine beforehand?
Try checking the console and check if there are any error messages.

Also you mentioned stuff about things like the hand or bow not showing up, make sure there are no infinite loop with attachers

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Yeah, sorry for bothering you, I couldn’t figure it out.

Yes, pretty much.

I did not use attachers, I used the new physics behavior. I don’t think there are infinite loops.