Multiplayer games?

Is it possible to make a multiplayer game on this? (not mmo multiplayer, like nitrome or miniclip or whatever)

Just have 2 or more characters on the screen that are controlled with different keys on the keyboard. Examples: 1) 2)

Hey RR, That would be cool if you made tic tac toe! I would love to see it!

I am not sure if I could do it, but maybe when I renew my Indie account :stuck_out_tongue:

You canceled it to??? I did to!

I plan on renewing for a year though

Umm… I don’t know how to change it so that they can be controlled different :stuck_out_tongue:

Link to the game

nvm I found out

I need to make it fighting though O,o

i made a game like that
Its called VS

here’s mine! its updated about everyday! (summer only though) controls are awdq fthu and >/\</. (q is charge shoot, u is shock wave and / is gas spray)

Wow poo, idk what that is, but it’s pretty neat.

yeah, and right now i just added a fireball following enemy!
(sorry for the username, i just named myself poo because i felt like it…)

I don’t think it really bothers anyone, but if you ever wanted, you can change your name in your profile.

how? i cant seem to do it

Oh, idk, I thought you could.

I’ve been inactive for like a month XD

Please help me with my SECRETAGENTSVIDEOGAME could you poo?