Multiplayer NOT WORKING halp I’ve tried all day, everytime I try to join with myself it has that stupid disabled button. What todo?

@grazer @GGstudios Help please.

I always have the same problem too

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Oof do youknow how to fix it?

I don’t know how to fix it

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I just need some help, too

:frowning: alright maybe grazer can help s @grazer

Seems to work for me, I see no issues…

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yea me too

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ok lets try to play together refresh your page rn

yep works totally fine.

yay thanks!!!


btw what this game about? and np.

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Its a shooter, but my teacher said it HAS to bemultiplayer

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No problem! Good luck on your game.

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So i just whipped up something rq

thanks bro!!!202022

hmm, cool.

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I LOVE your game dude, but the camera doesn’t work. I like the concept of your game too!

now the camera does.