Multiplayer Poker - Who said it cant be done? 🃏

Hey everyone! I have been working on a couple projects, but after @Agent_Y brought the flowlab poker subject back up… I began to think. ‘Flowlab Poker by itself, would be awesome! Flowlab Poker, but mulitiplayer would be insane!’
After AgentY said something to me;

I then realized something, I could be the first flowlabber to do it! I began to work, to prove it wrong. I asked AgentY if I could use the code for the card movement, because it was so smooth, lol. And he gave me permission.
I have another secret project going on, so I have not been devoting all of my flowlab time to it, but I think I came up with a good outcome.
So far, I have successfully made a mutliplayer working hand system! I tested it out, and both hands are working!
Thanks to @Agent_Y for the hand and point score system, and @CodeAlpaca for helping me out on a hand movement bug!
Anyways, when I devote a little time to this project, I will be posting the updates here!

I need to make the turn system, and the winning system yet, so look out for some updates! Also, for a dev test, right now you can see the other players cards. But this is temporary!


Update 1.00!

  • Added ‘Waiting for Players’ screen, and a ‘Game starting in…’ screen.
  • Added cards to the deck, just for looks.

Play Testers needed!

  • I would like to play test this game!
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New Update! Art Update!

Hello everybody, I have been working a little bit on the game, and I changed all the art around! I got most of the art from,, but I think it looks good! I have also made a turn system… (Still work in progress. :slight_smile: ) And I made it so you can see when the other person switches the cards in thier hand! Anyways, just a small update, thanks for reading!

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