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So I’m helping dragonwarrior with multiplayer for his Valorant game, but I don’t have indie so this is kinda hard for me. How do you spawn a character and have them be on both screens? He set it to “Shared Object” but it won’t spawn in. (He was connected to multiplayer)


Also, we were testing just trying to have it spawn in on our own screens, but it wasn’t working

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I accidentally clicked the Make Wiki button, what does that do?

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I only had indie once and I never made a multiplayer game so I have no clue how any of it works.


Please don’t ping people for other’s. It’s their choice to ping people and if they don’t, they obviously don’t want to. It’s rude for both sides.


They have to be a player object since they are the player. shared objects should be movable crates, etc.


Shared objects won’t spawn unless there is a connected game. If its a player, the spawner needs to be set to player.

  • Player objects has to be used for each game to have their own playable version.
    (The player cannot be spawned in unless the spawner itself is set to the player. Then the spawner will need to spawn a shared object that would be the player. Player Objects has to already exist in the level.)
  • Shared objects keeps the position between both games.
  • Non-shared objects is non-movable objects like stuff thats already in the game.
    (spawning non-shared objects won’t show up for others, but if it already exist, everyone can interact with it.)

All objects are intractable and have physics, shared just means to sync position.

I made an attempt to make my first Multiplayer game last month and had an interview with Grazer on where it needs to go / what needs fixen. We may (probably) get a multiplayer focus update later this year.

Issues with current multiplayer:

  • No way to assign player values / IDs (very important)
  • Multiplayer behaviors not working as intended (Bugs)
  • No way to view code in a multiplayer session (makes it harder)
  • Needs more documentation. (more explanation)

thanks man really usefull!

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player objects wont make them spawn

yes, it is. that’s exactly how they work. If you have a plyaer object it will spawn enough based on the player count


i did it and it didnt work

you need a player object to be in the game first


so it knows where to spawn.



now there are two players in the game whenever you play

you onlyneed one player object placed


alright i need you to know that the game CodeAlpaca and me making has a CHARACTER SELECTION!!!

please explain what this means

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?!?!?! its a simple word