Multiple parallax workaround

Even though this takes a while, i found a way to make a second background with a different parallax sorta

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I would make it reusable if @grazer made it possible to have an infinitely large field

-for proximities

oh yeah, this reminds me. you could make background animations with game world layer (even though it could be super hard) but it takes up a whole parallax layer…

nice work dude :slight_smile:

@“Mhx Ar” maybe this would help you

I haven’t even looked at it, but I’m very sure it would not help me. For my game to be perfect, I need 6 animated background parallax layers, one of them that is either static, or only pans up and down, but not left or right. I also need 5 game layers, and a front parallax layer, or two. Yes, I would like to have 14-16 layers in a game. Is that a lot? No. SEGA Genesis had tons of animated background layers, as well as frontal layers.

Watch just level 1 of Sonic 3K

Did you get the edge grab mechanic yet?

I never got around to it, since the new updates have been buggy. I don’t want to break my games.

However, the mechanic is pretty simple, probably. Here’s how I would do it. Make 1 or 2 objects, edge left and edge right. Collision with it on the correct side makes your player do a grab animation, adjust position so it looks like they are hanging, and disable them, so they don’t fall or move. Oh, btw, I don’t use gravity, I use an always on a down motor, so I can turn off the motor when my character is underwater. Anyway, hitting an edge turns on the on/off switch that allows you to jump, and pressing the jump button enables you again, so you can jump up from the ledge. I’ve also considered just turning off the motor, and locking movement controls except for jump, but I’m doing a Metroid logic game with shooting, so you can hang on an edge and shoot behind you.

Oh, you give those edge objects alpha 0, so you can place them over top of any edges you want.

Ok I’ll try

Eh… layers can be made indefinitely if you basically remake the type but change the devision number

Well i tried

Also i have the sega classic collection for the DS