I think it would be better if you could make the music carry over to the next level and keep playing at the same moment in the song, right now games with short levels can’t really have music unless they want it to restart every 30 seconds or so. Also I just kinda noticed that jumping is a bit weird and glitchy using the prefab movement, if you hold down the jump button then you won’t be able to jump for a while.

Yeah that would be cool.

That would mean the game couldn’t load other levels. If you really wanted to pull this off, you could make an insanely massive map of 4 rooms and have yourself teleport with positions.


Hey Kolega28,

I have had a few requests for a way to be able to continue music across levels, so I may work on that at some point. Right now, though, you might consider Mhx’s suggestion of stringing several short levels together into one.

Add a “play music” thing. and find 300 or more soundtracks and put it on the thing. D: P.S. I am iii250, a 10 year old guy that really likes this website. (I can only think of 15 soundtracks) D:

Why don’t you do the keep between levels on the player that is playing the music :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, or do what Super Creator suggested, that’s smarter than my suggestion :slight_smile:

there is a way to make it that it does. A logic block (that holds scores and stuff) and have that set to keep between levels… and put music in there.

ALSO a youtube link option would REALLY help me and others in get music in games. I am going to make ORIGINAL music and post to youtube so… kill two birds with one stone.

how do I add m4a music?

@emmaj I would try Dropbox or kiwi6

Thats exactly what i said!

I have trouble adding music to my game, can anyone help me?
The song i would like to use is Chaoz Fantasy By ParagonX9.


Uhh, it doesnt work for me, it says ERROR: You dont belong here or something. Can you just make a sound file that is compatible with the sound for flowlab while still being Chaoz Fantasy? Thanks.


BTW I even tried making a dropbox acct. but it still wouldn’t let me use the link.