Musical fans of music

guy gals and nonbinary pals post your music make sure you have an online and public access link then put it into this code so we can listen :slight_smile:

(just some basic HTML)

< audio controls loop autoplay > < source src=“Link goes here” type=“audio/mpeg” >< /audio >

remember to remove the space between the “<”

ok let me start us off with Tyler the creator’s EARFQUAKE

make sure you use the code and not just posting links…be respectful don’t make fun of others music taste…cuss words don’t really matter that much but if you have clean versions that’s great

Since the last one was a tyler song lets do something different
used by SZA

New Divide by Linkin Park

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what audio hosting services can i use for the links?

ig just google it any public audio download links should work

or ask @John_Shrekinson what he used


could you show me a screenshot of the code? it looks like i’m doing something wrong

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Yeah sure
Replace the yellow highlighted part with your JukeHost link. I used Inspect Element to get the code from Ace’s post. You have to download the song or sound to your computer before you can upload it to JukeHost.

idk, i have no idea what i’m doing

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Uragirimono no Requiem / Eurobeat Remix by Turbo


Joylne’s theme sounds like the ending of that song

jolyne’s theme is the best jojo theme

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i’ve realized stone ocean is actually fire

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I disagree because they capitalized on the success of Giorno’s theme and overused it to the point where it doesn’t feel as great anymore. Still decent though.

noice music guys also give yourselves a pat on the back you guys just learned some basic HTML :smiley: (kaikaikitan_ jujutsu kaisen: )

BILAP by trippie redd

final song for now

The Grinch - Trippie Redd

The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian


Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution

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