Mute button

does anyone know how to make a mute button where u can mute your music but also be able to turn it back on

simple just use a toggle switch and a mousclick

Has anyone been able to do this so I can copy it :smile:

or can they just tell me how to do it


Toggle switch and mouse click input one goes to off and input to goes on

Screenshot (2)

did this but it didn’t work

anyone wanna halp with this plz

can some plz plz plz help with this

I can’t stop music too. Is this a bug?

You didnr put mosuclick into next

okay so I tried doing just a mouseclick to off and it didn’t work then, but I’m thinking its because I have my sound on loop or maybe its a glitch idk @grazer could u take a look at this

update: its not because of loop if u set a sound to turn off through a mouse click it wont work

I moved mouseclick to next and it still doesn’t work @jngthree

Look… Mouseclick goes into toggle switch BOTH “NEXT” and INPUT

i did that and it doesn’t work I think its a bug

Have u ever been able to do this @jngthree

I got rid of the once thing so u have to click the button to start the music, the music will start but then not turn off. It just kinda breaks and plays more of the song

Make sure out2 goes into stop

I did that but I think there is a bug. what is the toogle switch supposted to start at and should it loop? @jngthree
thx so much for the help

If you have to click twice to make it stop, or it just plays over itself. Change the starting output