mute help

so i tried to make another mute button using a different way, and i used numbers and equal to fliters but its not working and i have no clue why, (see the box named mute test.)

when I have a number and then a filter connected to it, the filter wont read the number


the filter is not reading the number before it.

You need the two numbers to input that one number as well.

alright thanks so much. But i have discovered another problem, the music is muted but the mute animation doesn’t play, at the very start.

If i save the mute button as playing, refresh the game, then go back into it the music will be playing but when i hit the mute button again it will play the track again. So the track will be playing twice over top of each other.

can someone please respond to my questions

Make sure the save actually affects the system. Else it will just do that

mute programming

did i do this right, if not what do i go @jngthree

Make the one and two itself go directly into the save.


I did this but i still have the same problem where if the mute button is saved as on then i try to turn it off it plays the track overtop of the other one @jngthree

Play the game while viewing the rig simultaneously, it will help you debug

alright will do

i made it so the tracks dont play on top of each other but now if you save on mute you have to click 2 or 3 times for it to play

how would i fix that