My account is crashing

In my game, I put in a lot of labels with different colors from the original, but now when i go in the game they all show in white, and if i go in the code i can see thad they are supposed to be different colors. does anyone know why?

Game link:

And now i noticed that the whole game is crashing.

Can anyone help?


And now i notice that all my games are not working the kay they should. :frowning:

and whenever i go in any game and click on a game object, the small game object menu moves.

online social distancing seems to be most popular among people like us…dont worry we will all have revenge…

The game looks like it works as it suppose to and with no crashing.
Is it still happening?

Yup, i think i may have a virus. Because now it does not work at all

But other websites are still working…

hmm, is it asking to run Flash when you use Flowlab? Also make sure nothing else is running on the computer when you use Flowlab.

still doesn’t work

maybe it’s just because the computer im using it a little old. But again other websites are still working

@grazer, could this also be related to the memory leak?


Hey @“darian K” - do you think you could make a Loom video of the problem so that I can understand it better?

don’t think so.

don’t think so.